With a comparatively long history in conveyor belt family, Our Conveyor belt has gradually expanded over the years. It contains polyester canvas as its longitudinal framework and nylon fiber as its latitudinal material. Its advantages include low-extension, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, high adhesion and high strength. It is capable of conveying goods in medium and long distance.

This kind of belt is suitable for transportation of hard and sharp material and when material is dropped from a certain height. Mainly used in lines in mines, ports, and electricity, metallurgical, chemical industries, etc.

The various categories of Conveyor Belts we deal in are as follows CANVAS BELTS, COTTON BELTS, HI SPEED ANTI-STATIC BELTS, GLOUCESTER BELTS – 403 FOLDER, ROLLS OF BELTING, ROPE BELTS.

Some of the Conveyor Belts we have in stock include 11″ x 101″ Canvas Belt, 11″ x 62 1/2″ Canvas Belt, 11″ x 65 1/2″ Canvas Belt, 42″ x 124 1/2″ Canvas Belt, 7″ x 120″ Canvas Belt, 4 7/8″ x 157″ Canvas Belt, 4 7/8″ x 68″ Canvas Belt, 1″ x 68″ Canvas Belt, 1″ x 107″ Canvas Belt and so on.

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